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Audit & Assurance

Our audit methodology is designed to gauge efficiency & effectiveness of organisation’s functions, risk and control management. We improve risk ...

Taxation Services

We don’t just offer compliance services but specialize in tax planning & advisory. Most businesses don’t understand that avoiding unnecessary ...

ERP Services

Our state-of-the-art ERP Solution can automate various business functions. Our solution can cater needs of various sectors, be it service, ...

Corporate Services

We provide Corporate Advisory services including incorporation of companies and handling of various corporate matters in accordance with the requirements ...

Accounts Outsourcing

Are you looking for better ways to focus on growing you business’ bottom line? If so, one of the easiest ...

Advisory Services

Are you looking to get financing and confused by the plethora of requirements put forward by your financing institution? Or ...

Our Team

Khurram Sattar, Partner

Having experience of around a decade in Accounts, Tax Advisory & Corporate  Services, Mr. Khurram focuses on delivering assignments in time without ever compromising on quality.

Mr. Khurram started his career with UHF & Co. Chartered Accountants followed by a stint as Financial Controller in Addvantum Inc. (USA).

Omair, Partner

Mr. Omair started his career in UHY Hassan Naeem & Co. Chartered Accountants where he worked for 5 years during which he handled assignments pertaining to giants like PIA, Pakistan Railways, HBFCL and Silk Bank.

Prior to joining XS4, Omair worked as Manager Finance at Al Razi Healthcare (Pvt.) Ltd.

Mirza Shahid Bashir

Manager – Accounts Outsourcing

Mr. Shahid is working with us for last 3 years and manages Accounts Outsourcing assignments of clients from various industries including restaurants, engineering firms and manufacturing units.

Ali Fawad

Manager  – Tax & Corporate

Mr. Fawad has in-depth knowledge regarding Tax Rules and Corporate Requirements of FBR and SECP. He manages filling of Income Tax and Sales Tax returns of our clients.

Maryiam Farid

Manager – ERP & Support

Ms. Maryiam manages implementation of our ERP, Acumen Financials. Her expertise are to transform Manual / Legacy accounting system into advanced computerized accounting system, without effecting day-to-day operations of client.

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Few Words From Our Clients!

Business Plan Preparation:

A business plan tells a lot about the owner’s mindset. It reveals everything a good business should have. Most importantly, a business plan is a tool to attract potential investors to invest in your industry. XS4 Financial Management offers the best business plan writing services to its clients. To make a good business plan, XS4 Financial Management assists in the following:

  • Market research: Intending to make a good business plan, we offer business plan services to conduct market research. To transform your trade idea into a success, XS4 Financial Management strives to look into every aspect of business in the relevant industry. It involves knowing the worth of your business in the market, competitors, and investors looking to invest, and so on.
  • Share Market: Market share is another critical factor that needs to be considered necessary by a businessman. XS4 Financial Management helps assess the market share of your business. We provide the best analysis of market share, which will help you understand your business value. We also help you make a good plan to increase your market share.
  • Competitor analysis: For professional business plan writing services, the company needs to have insight into the market competition. XS4 Financial Management helps you identify your match and enables you to analyze competitors in the industry, including their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Business strategies: Finding competitors and knowing their plan is not enough. It would help if you had your strategy to excel in the industry. We map the market and help you make perfect tactics for the success of your business. With all the competitors in the industry, our assistance is the best support for you.
  • Resource planning: A business person who wants to run a good business and must have a professional business plan for the proper management of resources. XS4 Financial Management helps manage your funds by guiding you about when and how to use your reserves. We help you learn how to save more and spend less.
  • Product placement: Knowing how to sell products in the market is critical. We help you with the industry survey and find the best business plan to make the sale of your products. XS4 Financial Management assists you in identifying the spots where your business can grow better.

Pitch-deck Development:

Pitch deck is an overview of a company’s business plan given through a visual presentation to a potential customer. The display can be created by using multiple mediums like power-point, keynote, or Prezi. Pitch deck is used when the company has a meeting with potential investors, partners, or co-founders. It could also be used to present the idea before a broad audience. A pitch deck should be self-explanatory so that the investor can understand it in the absence of the presenter. Please review our profile to have a look at Pitch deck examples.

When does one need a pitch deck?

· Outlining

· Convincing and persuading customers

· Gathering investors

· Pitch competitions

What Makes a Great Pitch Deck?

· Content/ quality

· Length

· Engagement with the audience

· Presentation

· Delivery

Business Plan Review & Improvement:

A company’s business plan is its first impression, and many companies spend a lot of money and time on their business plan, making it a perfect one. There are different reasons why a business plan isn’t good enough.

  • People don’t care about factual and analytical data, which is not suitable for a business plan; instead, they care about marketing. Investors look for facts that they can consider for the company.
  • Most people talk about business in their plans, which is not bad until all they talk about. The business plan fails when it doesn’t tell what investors want to know, i.e., the succession plan, risks, strategies, etc.
  • Another thing that becomes a significant cause of business failure is overconfidence. It means that when someone starts a new business and doesn’t think that it might fail, this becomes this most significant mistake. Overconfidence leads to mismanagement, which eventually leads to failure.

At XS4, the clients can choose from our vast collection of business plan template. After reviewing clients’ business ideas and strategies, we create a business plan outline for the client.  

Business plan on how to write? There is a need for a good business plan for every business, and if you already have one, you need to go through it again and make improvements if required.

  • We will make your business plan more comprehendible and impressive by making improvements in the content, structure, and appearance.
  • We will see your plan through the eye of an investor. If it isn’t right for us, it won’t be right for them either.
  • XS4 Financial Management will give you the confidence to show investors what they need, which will be useful for both you and the investor.
  • With our help, you will be able to map out all the risks and challenges that might come with business execution.

We assure you that our business plan ideas makeover is a reasonable, affordable, and absolute way of making a successful business plan.

Market and industry research:

Market and industry research plays a significant role in the preparation of a business setup. A businessman should have an insight into everything regarding his business. A good and reliable business plan requires ideas with facts-based market research analysis. An investor needs to have faith in one’s understanding of the company as well as the market. One should also have an idea of his competitors in the industry. The knowledge includes their marketing strategy, how they are operating differently, and their fair share of profit.

At XS4 Financial Management, we specialize in planning the industry to present the idea to our clients. We give the surety of good profit by ensuring our strategies are made through the industry analysis report.

Selecting the target market, and knowing the nature of it is another crucial part of target market research. One needs to know the mindset of its target market to provide them with the best possible business proposal. We assure the knowledge of notions your target market is possessing.

The struggle of researching doesn’t end even if you are successful in finding the perfect investors. We provide many ideas apart from doing industry analysis reports, finding the right investors, and attracting customers and clients. We also offer:

  • Website research
  • Grant & Funding Research

Competitor Analysis:

Competitor analysis is best used for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. The competitor analysis allows us to identify opportunities in business and warn us about unwanted threats. Competitor analysis helps in forming a good strategy to run a business. We offer an in-depth competitor analysis for your business, having the ins and outs of your competitor strategies. Our way of analyzing the industry and fellow business people, i.e., competitors, helps in identifying the scope of business in the industry and the nature of the industry. We determine the competition in the market by identifying other companies and entrepreneurs. Our competitor analysis report works for the customers and their benefits.

To know what strategies our competitors are trying to use, we need to create profiles of our significant competitors, prepare ourselves to be a better competitor, and strive to enhance our business.